Melanie's Meadow

Reclaimed native wood ornaments, accessories, and jewelry.

Made with love in rural Western North Carolina, USA.

Each item I sell is packaged as you see in the image to the left. The hang cards are made of 100% recycled materials and can be hung on peg hooks or left in the gift box also made of 100% recycled materials.

I'm Melanie Restall and I live in Burnsville, amidst the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, where I draw  strength and inspiration from the surrounding wilderness.  Timeless stories are told here in stone, stream, tree and sky.  These are the inspirations for my designs, which I hand-cut and craft into beautiful tokens of nature, spirit and imagination.

Wood is a living thing, taking on a character of its own over time and being changed by the forces around it.  These subtleties are what my designs amplify, reveal and celebrate.  All the wood I use comes from sources that have already seen an original life of use: a beam in a mountain home, timber from a time-worn barn, or the heart of a tree that has weathered its last storm and now faces removal.  I salvage and sometimes purchase these pieces of local history for transformation into a new life.

We don't inherit the earth from our  ancestors...we borrow it from our children.

  -David  Brower: